funny talking cats

If cats could talk…. some cartoons of funny talking cats feature in these pictures of silver-tongued Siamese, talkative tabbies, and mumbling moggies.

I’m sure we’ve sometimes pondered what our pets would say if they could talk. We often feel as though ‘he/she is the only one who really understands me.’, but what if they could talk as well? Cats talking? Let's see what they say below.

funny talking cats

Maybe you'd find out if your cat thought that you were really a 'cat person' after all...

cats talking

Perhaps the idea of cats talking wouldn’t be so interesting after all… I mean how of what we go on about is of that much interest to other people? Would it be an endless barrage of musings on sleeping, eating, and more sleeping?

cat talking

And would we appreciate our cat talking to us directly and perhaps pointing out some of the oddities of humans?

talking cat

Okay, it's dodgy poetry time....

Ode on talking cats

If cats could talk and not just meow,

Would we ask then why? Would we ask them how?

Or other questions to matters pressing,

On both cheerful thoughts and ones depressing.

If cats could talk, what would they say?

Would they talk about trivia just to pass the day?

Or current events, the latest news?

Would they want our opinions, our own views?

If cats could talk would we want to listen?

Or would we feel as though something is missing?

The pet who listens to all our strife,

And just sits there quietly throughout their life.

talking cats

Catty chatty conversations on feline fears and fancies.

cat teacher

That's it from this page of funny talking cats, there are several more pages featuring felines on this site, please have a look around.

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