Strange and funny monsters from around the world

Seven Strange and Funny monsters from around the world feature in these peculiar monster cartoons.

We have all heard of the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Abominable Snowmen. Some of us may even have heard of less well known creatures such as the Lake Champlain monster or the Beast of Bodmin. But here are some truly rare and up until now almost never heard of creatures that have occasionally, very occasionally, been reported from around the world. These very obscure, yet funny monsters have been selected from a variety of regions, and show that the world can indeed still seem a strange and mysterious place at times.

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The Even-Moa

Alleged to be surviving sub-species of the flightless giant Moa bird that inhabited New Zealand, and reputedly died out over six hundred years ago. A very powerful bird, the even-Moa could break your leg with a kick, break your arm with one peck, and break your ear drums with it’s exceedingly unmelodious mating call.

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The Chilean Sea Dragon

Sailors have told tales throughout history of deep sea monsters that have occasionally broken surface to tangle with their ships. This strange creature, a possible descendent of some long-lost species of dinosaur, was washed up on a beach in Chile in 1972. The animal was found by a local photographer who insisted on trying to get some more ‘action-like’, ‘scary monster’ poses; so as to guarantee the pictures making the cover of ‘Time’ or ‘Newsweek’. The creature showed remarkable tolerance until after four hours it realized that the perfect shot was never going to materialize; so it ate the photographer, camera and film, and returned to the sea from whence it came.

As the seas are so vast and deep, who knows what strange and funny monsters might be lurking down somewhere in the depths?

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The Splod

A very small amphibious creature supposed to have evolved from some kind of frog. Some say it is far too small to be classified as a monster, due to its lack of ability to induce fear. The Splod spends most of it’s time in Marshland in Northern Sweden, occasionally emerging to lay it’s eggs in small ponds and abandoned wellington boots.

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The Wyoming Puddle Monster

The fleeting appearances of this creature have been reported after particularly heavy rainfalls. It is said to hibernate during dry spells only to be awakened later on by especially heavy downpours. It lives off fish, small mammals and discarded picnic hampers.

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The Atrocious Sandman

Occasionally sighted by caravans passing through the Saharan desert, the extreme geography that this creature inhabits has kept the alleged sightings down to an absolute bare minimum. Ancient tales of wandering nomads recorded reports of the Sandman entering desert camps at night to seek water and anything made of peppermint. According to eyewitnesses, the Atrocious Sandman has exceedingly large feet which enable it to cross the sands easily, and also to provide shelter when it lies on it’s back and uses them as a shade from the fierce desert sun.

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The Giant Woolly Shrew

In the vast wastes of Siberia are said to be survivors from the last Ice Age. This relative of the shrew family, by far the largest rodent to have ever trodden the earth, are said to remain in sparsely inhabited areas, where they live off nuts, berries, and occasional thatched cottages.

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The Wildman of Horveria

Hailing from remote areas of the Carpathian mountains, reports of this being are decidedly unreliable as the only two known sighting have been claimed by gentlemen somewhat under the influence. According to Gregor Izenowitz, sound of mind – but fond of vodka, the creature helped him back to his home but then proceeded to drink him dry of stout before slipping off into the night. The Wildman of Horveria is the most human-like out of all these strange and funny monsters featured above, so who knows what missing links could yet be found?

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