funny cat stories - How the cat lost nine lives

Funny cat stories - How the cat lost nine lives

The story of how the cat lost eight out of nine lives features in this series of cat cartoons.

funny cat stories

We used to have a ginger cat, called Ginger (yes I know….thinking up orginal names for pets was never one my families strong areas…) who was a real little terror when younger – seemingly possessing no fear whatsoever.

That is until the day he fell through the conservatory roof. He had a glass conservatory at the back of the house that my father had built. The roof was slanting, and it was possible for an enterprising cat to get onto the roof by scrambling out of one of the upper bedroom windows. Ginger discovered this one day and proceeded to wander about, gaining a new view of the world, while trying to avoid sliding off.

Suddenly there was a huge crash, and we rushed into the conservatory expecting to find a bloody cat. Ginger was completely unharmed, having fallen through one of the glass panels which must have had a crack in it. He must have traded in a few lives that day…

So that's a little bit about the inspiration behind what I hope will be the start of a series of funny cat stories.

Anyway, on with the tale.

How the cat lost nine lives

funny cat story

If you don’t look before you leap

You might pay a price, it might be steep

Straight over a fence with one bound you leap

And land on a Rottweiler fast asleep

amazing cat stories

The cat was hungry and full of greed

And so sat down to an almighty feed

He kept on eating more and more

Until his legs couldn’t touch the floor

cat on car

The cat was sleepy; it was a sunny day

And so on the car roof to sleep he lay

The car sped off with a loud roar

And the cat clung on with his claws

story about cat

Chased by a big dog the cat did flee

And escaped by climbing the nearest tree

But the branch was thin and it did snap

The fell and landed on the dog with an almighty whack

cat washing machine

The cat while looking for a place to sleep

Settled down in the machine amongst the sheets

The drier started up and the cat got dizzy

But finally staggered out, it’s fur all frizzy

cat and fish

The cat was hungry when he saw the fish

So he jumped right in to catch this dish

But he lept straight out with a big wail

For the piranha had clamped on to his tail

bird catching cat

The cat was looking for a bird to stalk

When it was suddenly swooped upon by a really big hawk

The cat was worried as to what would follow

But luckily was too big for the baby birds to swallow

cat and rat

One day when out mousing to earn his keep

The cat looked in the garage, to have a peak

He crawled under the car, and under there sat

A very big and mean super-rat
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I hope you enjoyed this first in a series of funny cat stories, let me know if you have any ideas for further tales.

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