Funky Rain Boots

Cartoons of fabulous funky rain boots - I got the idea to put up this page after spending a wet morning in a cafe in Tokyo, watching the world - and the people of Tokyo go by. I had previously been commissioned to draw a couple of similarly themed cartoons and so I thought up a few more to make up the page.

waders cartoon

There are now a hugh variety of styles to choose from - many alternatives to the more traditional black or green - and who knows what the designers might think of next.

wellies cartoon

Wellies are particularly useful when you are walking your dog, as they allow you stay with your pet - regardless@of wherever it decides to venture off to.

cartoon rain

Wearing boots enables you to stride confidently forward, rather than to have to creep around the edge of puddles.

wellies boots

Wearing memories may bring back memories of school days and tempt you into indulging in a spot of puddle jumping.

muddy wellies

One slight drawback of wellies is their tendancy to be sucked off your feet in very muddy situations.

women in boots

Another common problem of rubber boots is that even though they may be made of natural rubber, and thus able to 'breath' a little, they are still liable to make your feet somewhat sweaty if you wear them for any length of time. If you are going to be wearing the boots for any length of time, it may be worth your while to carry a spare pair of socks with you.

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