Funky Christmas Cards

Are you looking for any funky Christmas cards?

Can’t quite find anything funky enough?

Well, let me draw you an original cartoon and you can have it as funky as you like.

Why keep searching the net for an image that might just do, when I can create a unique picture according to your own idea.

Even if you are not quite sure what you are looking for, I can brainstorm some ideas for you before you find something that you do like. I have quite an active imagination – especially after a coffee or two.

Maybe you have an in-joke that you want to feature in the cartoon, or perhaps some memorable incident that occurred featuring your friend or whoever you want to give the card to.  Whatever it is I can make sure to personalize the picture for you.

Anyone can find an image on the net, but it won’t have the same personal element to it that a custom-drawn picture does.

If you want something really different, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find it available in existing form. There are gazillions of cat images out there, but what if you wanted a parrot teaching a cat how to fly?


What has this got to do with Christmas? Well, not a lot, but then the picture you give someone doesn’t necessarily have to be about Christmas at all.

 I produce digital pictures, which you can then print off or attach to a mail to send to someone. I don’t produce actual cards, but I am more than happy to draw an image for you that you can then use as you wish.

I can use a Christmas theme for the image, or something different entirely. As you can see from the examples on this page, I can add other characters as well, whether human or animal.

So whatever ends up in the picture is limited only by imagination, or the amount of coffee.......

Most cards that people give are soon forgotten, so how about giving something that really sticks in the memory? It might be something that happened during the year that you want to remind the receiver of, or just something a litte bit out there.

 What ever it is, drop me a mail today and I’ll be happy to discuss your funky Christmas card idea further with you.

 I reply promptly.