Frog Cartoons

Frog Cartoons - puns from the pond with these cartoon frogs. Here are some further froggy funnies straight from the pond. These cartoon frog pics feature some revolutionary reptiles, a leap Michael Jordan would be proud of, and the toppling of the Gnome.

frog cartoons

I got this idea when last visiting my mother. In her pond there was this green scum on the surface (actually green scum is quite a good name for a punk rock band....) for some reason, the idea of an oil slick popped into my head, and thus into this cartoon.

funny frog pic

A helihopter?

big frog

The mother of all frogs.

frog art

Usually when you see a frog in a beret it's to indicate a Frenchman, but no! it's the other stereotype of a beret wearer - the artist.

funny frog

I also toyed with the idea of hop...skip...jump.... maybe next time.

funny cartoon frog

Motorfrog.....could also be a name for a band? hmm....maybe not....

funny cartoon frogs

Never really liked garden gnomes anyway....

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