Flying Penguins - up, up and away!

Flying penguins - some cartoon penguin pictures taking to the skies.

Penguins that fly? a little more likely than flying pigs but an impossibility all the same. As humans used to gaze up and the skies and wonder if it was possible for man to take flight, have penguins ever observed other birds and pondered 'how on earth do they do that?, and 'can I do the same?' Here this series of penguin cartoons explores an alternative aviation history.

flying penguins

Almost up to modern days here, but let's first step back in time and look at the development of penguin aviation.

do penguins fly

First the basics: you need some some of means of getting yourself up into the air.

penguin cartoon

The Icarus of the penguin world? Let's hope that winter sun is not too bright...

cartoon penguin pictures

Perhaps a little help from a fellow creature is in order.

flying penguin

Powerless flight, but flight still the same.

cartoon penguin picture

And now to speculate as to what remains the final frontier - penguins in space.

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