fly fishing cartoon pictures - the call of the streams!

Fly fishing cartoon pictures featuring the challenge of man against fish.

For many people there is nothing more relaxing that a day spent on the riverbank pitting themselves the fish lurking beneath the waters.

For some fishing is almost like some kind of meditative experience.

Others like to mix more with the elements to enjoy the challenge of fly fishing – a duel between man and fish.


Who knows whether that champion fish might be lurking just out of sight somewhere below the surface.


Perhaps we should try to learn from other creatures that are proven fishers.


It is important to make sure that you are prepared for the elements and to dress accordingly.


The choice of footwear is all-important if you are expecting to be standing in the water for long periods of time.


The sport is not, of course, the preserve of men, and more and more women are taking to the streams and rivers.


Don't forget to have a camera handy, in case you do manage to bag that prize specimen.


If you come up empty handed, the day is not all lost. You have pitted yourself against nature and ,while unsuccessful this time, the waters will keep on flowing - so you can return again next time.

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