Flow Experience - my thoughts and experiences about the state of 'flow'

A recent flow experience as experienced and recorded during Tokyo rush hour around 7pm, January 11th 2010.

I have done very little editing with the writing below, as I wanted to try and record this experience as authentically as possible.

Everything seems clear. I seem to see things clearly as they are, there seems to be very little labeling going on.

There is a tremendous sense of space - light filling my head and all around. Even though I may be tired, my shoulders are stiff and my eyes are a little sore from using the computer too much, and in good time.

Everything still feels intrinsically right. As I write this the words seem to flow on to the paper.

Connections seem to be made effortlessly and if I can't figure something out, it no longer seems like a big deal.

I look around and the world seems an ocean of possibilities. As a cartoonist, ideas abound and one idea seems to automatically lead to another. It almost feels s like I'm not writing this. It doesn’t matter what explanation, if any, you want to attribute to this state of flow - when you're in this state it doesn’t matter.

It's a naturally peaceful and joyful state and feels as though it should be the natural base-state for me and for everyone.

Without the usual automatic labeling going on I feel more connected with the people around me - we are one in the experience of flow. It's not me and them - its just flow. Time seems irrelevant and there seems to be no rush to do things, they just unfold naturally.

When tiredness appears it is accepted and not resisted.

Mind stays mainly in the present, it doesn’t get ahead of itself or stuck in memories.

It feels as though I have no head - just light filling my body space.

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