A Fistful of Roses - cartoon book

cartoons about dating, relating, and the lottery of love

A Fistful of Roses - A collection of cartoons about dodgy fates, semi-fatal attractions, and puzzling presents.

At the big day of February 14th approaches, I represent to you a compilation of colourful cartoons featuring the trials and tribulations of dating, relationships, and what the heck you should actually give to someone.

I can assure you that none of these drawings are based on my own experiences....well most of them anyway.

fistful of roses

A Fistful of Roses features fifty cartoons about those awkward moments, strange encounters, and 'interesting' people we may have met while on a date or romantic evening.

As well as featuring the cartoons seen on this page, the book also has cartoons not previously posted on Joy of Cartoon Pictures.

Also included in the book are an extra fifty cat cartoons, and a further fifty dog cartoons, making a grand total of 150 cartoons.

Instant download available now - just in time for Feb. 14th!

cartoons about relationships

Just in time for Valentine's Day!


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