First Date Etiquette

First date etiquette - a humorous look at some etiquette pointers for your first date. Here are seven useful points to take into consideration to help make your evening all the more memorable, and to hopefully not ensure that the first date is the worst first date.

first date cartoon

Whether it's your first date ever, or if you are more of a veteran on the dating scene, it's a good idea to spend a bit of time going over your choice of outfits - something subtle and not too garish is probably a good idea, although others may want to go for something that makes an impact.

first date ever

Choose a meeting place that's easy to find. For the more romantically inclined you may want opt for a location with special significance, or some memorable place that'll stick in the mind long after the initial meeting.

first date gifts

It may be appropriate to give a small gift. Flowers and chocolates are of course traditional first date gifts but I"m sure that with a bit of imagination you can can up with something more contemporary.

first date etiquette

There are many factors to be considered in the choice of restaurant: location, price, selection of food, atmosphere etc. Most importantly, try and choose a venue your date will be comfortable in.

worst first date

For more upscale restaurants, you may want to familiarise yourself with restaurant etiquette.

cartoon first date

After the meal, why not round off the night with a drink? I'm sure you can find an interesting bar or club to end the evening in.

after first date

After the first date, providing it all went well, why not suggest a next meeting?

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