Dalmatian Dog Art

Dalmatian dog art - a little spotted humour with these Dalmatian cartoons.

dalmatian dog art

My friend Conrad used to share a cottage with a woman called Lizzy and her Dalmatian Dilly, in a place called 'Willow Tree Cottage'. So it sounds like the title of some sort of Enid Blyton book: 'Conrad and Lizzy and Dilly the dog and their adventures in Willow Tree Cottage'

For anyone reading this not familiar with Enid Blyton, she was a very popular children's writer, probably most famous for the 'Famous Five' and 'Secret Seven' series of mystery books.

Remarkably enough, I haven't got a cartoon featuring 101 Dalmatians, or even Cruella de Vil. I haven't even seen the Glenn Close movie yet, although I did read the book years ago.

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