Creative Ideas - some ideas to help with the creative process

Creative Ideas - on this page I will be exploring some ideas around the creative process. I love drawing cartoons and I am particularly fascinated by the process of thinking of ideas. In the page cartoon ideas I explore ways of generating ideas for cartoons. On This page I would like to explore other aspects of the creative process.

I hope you will find something useful here. If you have any good ideas or suggestions I would be very interested to hear from you.


Yes! Wow! I’ve got it! Where’s the pen? Where’s the paper?....can’t find it, this’ll have to do (reaches for back of envelope, ball of scrumpled up paper (insert your favourite substitute.)

Yes, we’ve all been there when something has clicked (hopefully not our back), the dam has burst and the muse suddenly leaps out of the cupboard. When this happens, drop everything and create/take notes. Now, maybe you’re in the middle of something – so maybe you have to stop the car (hopefully remembering to pull over first) take a bathroom break or pause the starship on the planet Zog. But regardless of what it is you are doing, STOP and start writing or doodling. Unless there’s something really, really big going on that you can’t get out of doing DO NOT DELAY.

If you delay capturing these new thoughts you may lose that chain of ideas. You may think that you remember and so can jot it all down later, but how many times have we gone back to something later on only to find that it doesn’t seem quite the same or you can’t recall the previous ideas.

So DO NOT DELAY, otherwise you may be missing out on a really good idea.

got any ideas?

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