The Coffee Cat - the cat who didn't like to sleep

The coffee cat - the tale of the cat who didn't like to sleep. Not one to be caught napping, it's the java-slurping, mocha-sipping coffee cat!

coffee cat

The cat who didn't like to sleep

The cat who didn’t like to sleep

Of all the radicals you’ve ever seen

Who are alternative or really been

So far out of the norm as to almost be

A completely different being from you and me

But has there ever been one to suspend belief

As much as the cat who didn’t like to sleep?

What was up with this feline who refused to nap

He really was a most peculiar little chap

While others would snooze away the hours

He would like to go take a nice cold shower

‘It perks you up’ he would say

‘And make you alert all through the day’

No saucers of milk would pass his lips

From coffee cups he liked to sip

The stronger the blacker the better said he

And gulped down java with smacks of glee

No sitting still upon the mat

All that coffee put paid to that

When asked if it was difficult to stay awake

He replied ‘not at all, I feel just great’

‘I’ve been like this since I was born

I’ve only ever had the occasional yawn

The odd cat nap or two is all I need

and to all other cats I do plead’

‘Don’t waste your life sleeping away

There’s more to life, far more I say’

But when cats are not asleep they hunt and eat

So I wonder what they’d do instead of sleep

Would they eat too much and become obese

Or decimate all the birds from the trees

‘No he replied there’s more than that

We should ponder what it means to be a cat’

And before I left this philosophical cat

The one you’d never find sleeping on the mat

I asked him if he thought he was odd

To not like to stay in the land of nod

‘Not me he replied but you should meet my brother

He’s a regular napper, a real sleep lover

But although he’s my brother and really nice

His problem is that he can’t catch mice’

So the next time a cat passes you by

There may be more to him than catches the eye

He may well turn out to be unique

Just like the cat who didn’t like to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed the tale of the Coffee Cat - the cat who didn't like to sleep. Lots more cat cartoons can be found in the 101 Cat Cartoons ebook.

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