cartoon of a cat stuck in tree

I wanted to try a more detailed cartoon, so hence this picture of a cat stuck in tree. Most of my cartoons are fairly simple - with few characters, one main gag, and a fairly minimal background. As an experiment I decided to dabble in something more intricate. As I like drawing cats, and recently had been drawing trees, I thought I would try the classic 'cat stuck up in a tree' scene.

cat stuck in tree

One of my heroes is the English cartoonist Giles, who used to draw cartoons for the British Daily Express newspaper and is somewhat of a national institution. Giles is widely regarded as a 'cartoonists cartoonist', being widely respected by fellow scribblers, and move loved by the British public, and Royal Family. Giles was a master of perspective and drew highly detailed, technically accurate cartoons about current events and daily British life.

I can't claim to have close to matching Giles, but it was a lot of fun to try a new challenge. I hope to be able to include some similar cartoons in future, however I ca't imagine making wholesale changes in style due to time constraints.

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