Cat in Water Cartoon - along with the tale of the cat who likes to get wet

Cat in Water Cartoon - featuring a soggy moggy who's happy to be one wet cat. This page also features the tale of the cat who doesn't mind getting wet.

cat in water cartoon

The cat who doesn't mind getting wet

Most cats when it’s a rainy day

Will choose to snooze the hours away

But there’s one who’ll dare venture outside

He’s not one to stay in and hide

For this is one cat who likes getting wet

He really is a most unusual pet

While some protect themselves with boots and coat

He doesn’t mind getting a really good soak

While some wade through puddles carefully

He’ll paddle straight through gleefully

And as you grumble about water in your boot

He’ll think it’s a joke – one big hoot

cat in bath cartoon

When you squelch back home feeling soggy

He’ll prance right in one happy moggy

And as you finally relax into your bath

He’ll jump right in for a laugh

And for washing dishes he’s really keen

And will try to lick the dishes clean

But the ironic thing about this pet

The one who usually loves getting wet

cat and water cartoon

Is if you force him to take a bath

It’s no longer funny, no longer a laugh

He’ll fight and act really mean

It’s his choice when he wants to get clean

So maybe you’d better leave it at that

And not try and understand this unusual cat

For he is really is a most perplexing pet

The cat who doesn’t mind getting wet.

giving a cat a bath

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