Cat Cartoonist - Quick Custom Digital Illustration for sites, blogs, anything!

Cat Cartoonist for hire!

Custom illustrations of cats for your site or blog.

Order the purrfect illustration to make your site or product stand out with an illustration to match your content.

Reliable, prompt service.

Do you need a custom illustration for your site or blog?

Pressed for time?

Want something simple and colorful?

I'm your man!

Make your site stand out with illustration that match the content of your site or blog post.

You put a lot of time and effort into putting your own voice into your writing, so how about an illustration that matches exactly how you feel?

Instead of wasting valuable time searching for pictures, just let me know your requirements and I can draw you your very own custom digital illustrations.

You can use the illustrations to attract attention to posts, articles, products, services, anything you like.

You can also use them to promote a competition or sign up to your newsletter.

I can provide you with:

A simple, colorful cartoon featuring one or two characters with a simple background....

In glorious color or classic monochrome (heck, I'll give you both!)

In 48 hours....(no need for Eddie Murphy or Nick Nolte....)

Benefits to you:

-the picture is personalized to match your content

-use images to draw attention to your page or post; product or service

-use images to break up large blocks of text

-save time looking for pictures, also no worrying about copyright

-get the illustration delivered quickly

Price: $30

Just send me your idea, and I'll come up with the illustration.

cat cartoonist

What to do next:

Contact me via the blue ‘contact me’ button below, to let me know your ideas, I’ll be in touch promptly and we can discuss your requirements.


tell me what you want me to draw is as much detail as possible e.g. a woman in a shoe shop trying on many pairs of shoes, looking flustered (see picture below); and I’ll produce the illustration.

I can turn an illustration around in 48 hours.

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-illustrations provided in JPEG format

-colour or monochrome, if preferred

-simple, clear style

-one alteration service

-48 hour turn around

Contact me today and let me know what you are looking for, my pencil is poised!


You're in luck! the cat cartoonist is currently available for custom illustration work.

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How can I use a cartoon as part of a competition?

Competitions encourage your readers to contact you, and are also given the opportunity to contact them if they enter.Here are two suggestions as to how you can use a cartoon as a competition:

1. A caption the cartoon competition, similar to ones you may have seen in magazines such as New Yorker. You ask the readers to supply the caption to go with the picture. So for example, the cartoon below could be used with a shoe-related site. If you are not sure of ideas for such a picture, I can help you with that.

cat cartoon

Can you think of a caption to go with this cartoon?

Send your ideas to XXXXsite and you could win a XXX.

2. A spot the difference competition. I supply you with a pair of pictures. The reader has to spot the differences between the two pictures.

spot the difference

spot the difference

Can you spot the five differences between the two cartoons above?Send your answers to XXXXsite and you could win a XXXX.

talking cats

I have a pretty active imagination, so if you are not quite sure what you are looking for, send me a mail and we can discuss it further. I hope that this cat cartoonist can provide some custom kitty piccies for you.

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