cat and mouse cartoon

and the 'tale of the cat who couldn't catch mice'

Here's a cat and mouse cartoon accompanying the story of the cat who couldn't catch mice.

cat and mouse cartoon

The cat who couldn't catch mice

Once there was a problem in the house

For in the kitchen was a mouse

And not just one but maybe two

The family didn’t know what to do

They first tried traps baited with cheese

But the mice continued to do as they pleased

And ignored the traps out on the floor

They were really smart mice that’s for sure

Then dad said I know what we need

A lean looking cat that needs a feed

We’ll keep him hungry so that he

Will be forced to catch a mouse for his tea

So off to the shop he duly went

And came back soon, money spent

With a mean looking cat in black and white

Of slender build, it was really slight

‘Let me explain a few things to you

There’ll be no meals, no food for you

Until you lay out on this mat

The problem rodent, that pesky rat’

But although the cat had got the gist

He was in fact no rodent specialist

For he was an expert in climbing trees

And catching birds was his specialty

But feeling hungry needing to gain some weight

He decided to try and not leave it too late

So he sat right down by the mouse hole

And waited for a mouse to show

But unfortunately he’d got it wrong

Because to a different abode the mouse had gone

And although the cat just didn’t know

The mouse was hiding under the piano

It wasn’t until later that day

That on the piano someone did play

And much to the pianist’s surprise

Above the score appeared a pair of mousey eyes

The cat lept onto the piano with a crash

And across the keys he did dash

But although he played an interesting tune

The mouse escaped across the room

In the shoe rack the mouse next popped up

And cat now thought he’d have better luck

So gathering his energy, every last ounce

Into the shoe rack he did pounce

But the mouse was too quick and he fled

And the cat was stuck with a boot on his head

What is it with this mouse that’s hard to get?

He is by far the most elusive yet

Unless I catch him soon I fear

The family will throw me out on my ear

But this is a job for another chap

What I need to find is a mouse catching cat

I’ll contract out the job over to him

And that is how I’ll finally win

So the cat found an eager kitten

Who although small was mouse catching smitten

Many techniques the kitten had been taught

And lots of mice he had caught

The mice had finally met their match

And soon the kitten celebrated his catch

The cat thought this is a good result for me

I’m soon going to get something good for tea

But the cat’s plan it did backfire

And it was the kitten, not he, who was hired

And so he went on his way

And looked for a new place at which to stay

So if in your garden you’ve got a pesky bird

He is available for hire, or so I’ve heard

He’ll catch you any bird in a trice

But don’t remind him that he’s the cat who couldn’t catch mice

I hope that you enjoyed the poem and the cat and mouse cartoon.

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