Cartoons Without Captions

cartoons without captions - caption these cartoons! I've supplied the pics - you supply the words!

cartoons without captions

Caption the cartoon time! - captions received so far:

"Have you seen my shoes?"

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Can you provide a caption for these cartoons?

I have supplied the drawings, now it's down to you to think of the words.

This may not be the New Yorker, but I thought it would be interesting to invite people to send in their own captions. People often think of better captions than I can, so I am always curious to see what folks come up with.

I run all suggestions by a panel of experts (basically me and a couple of friends in either the pub or a coffee shop)

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Captions received so far:

"He's allergic to cats, flowers, and men..."

"I'm sorry but I'm already engaged to Rover here!"

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wellies cartoon

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