Who's afraid of the big bad cartoon wolf?

Time to bark at the moon with a few cartoon wolf pics.


From harassing to Little Pigs to devouring Grandmothers, the wolf has often got a bad press in old stories, but it’s not always the case. In Native American culture, the wolf is often viewed in a more positive light in teaching stories. Sadly, due to it’s frequent portrayal as an evil, vicious beast with a taste for human flesh, the wolf has often been persecuted.

When your dog is howling at the moon, is he making some sort of deep, almost forgotten, connection to his wilder cousins and ancestors?


‘A Gentleman is simply a patient wolf.’ – Lana Turner


As mentioned earlier, the wolf often appears in folklore and teaching stories. Here is one of my favourites.


A boy was sat up on the top of the house. Looking down, he saw a wolf walking by under him. The boy immediately began to shout insults at the wolf. “Murderer and thief,” he cried, “What are you doing here near honest peoples homes? How dare you come here, where we know about all the evil deeds you have done?” “Curse away, my young friend,” said the Wolf. “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.”


“Grandma, what big eyes you’ve got” asked little Red Riding Hood, who obviously didn’t get out to see her Grandmother too often.

‘You can take the dog out of the wolf pack, but you can’t take the wolf pack out of the dog.’

Here’s an idiom I stumbled across while researching these cartoon wolf pictures, it was the first time I’d encountered it.

‘To cut one’s wolf loose’ Meaning: To go out and get drunk. “I’m gonna go out and cut my wolf loose tonight”

And one final point to ponder If you dance with wolves, is it appropriate to do the foxtrot?

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