Cartoon Subscription

Get weekly or monthly cartoons for your site

Are you looking for content for your blog?

Would you like to save yourself a little time?

How about having a cartoon subscription and adding a regular cartoon yo your blog?

Various funny felines

Images engage your readers and a cartoon can add some humour and colour to your site.

Save time spent wracking your brain for ideas or creating content by allowing me to provide you with some cartoons on a weekly or monthly basis.

There are several categories of images you can choose from:

Cats – pictures featuring funny felines

Dogs – cartoon canines of many different breeds

Penguins – in from the cold to warm things up a bit

People- in a wide variety of situations

Homelife – a little homefront humour

Caption the cartoon – as seen in the New Yorker magazine and other places

Or a mixture from two of the above categories

I have several sets available for each category so that reduces the chances of someone else using the same cartoon at the same time.

Please not that you can’t use these images on products – I retain the copyright.

I’ll send the cartoons to you in batches so that you’ll always have content on hand. There are also a few spares, so you have some choice.

You can also choose to add some original custom drawn cartoons to match your site or articles. That’s separate from the subscription and something we can discuss further.

Q Can I be sure that you can keep thinking up ideas?

A I already have enough images in stock for a couple of year’s worth of weekly cartoons, and I’m drawing new ones all the time.

Q What if I want to use these images on products?

A Sorry, no can do. I retain the copyright on all images.

Various would-be-flying antics

A wide variety of different animal cartoons.

Caption the Cartoon

As made famous by New Yorker magazine and also seen other places – with these cartoons you get your readers to provide captions, thus they are engaging and participating with your blog.

Please click below to contact me and discuss things further.