Cartoon Shark Pictures - featuring the magnificent hunters of the seas.

Jaws in a variety of different situations feature in these cartoon shark pictures.

cartoon shark

Whether you are fans of the movie 'Jaws' (let's not mention the numerous dodgy sequels), or admirers of these amazing hunters of the seas; here are some cartoons featuring sharks with occasional appearances from other sea creatures.

cartoon sharks

As the shark searches relentlessly for food, so have I searched for various gags about sharks (I also snack relentlessly -cartooning can be hungry work.)

shark cartoon

Amazing shark fact:

Sharks are always teething and go through between 12,000 - 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.

sharks cartoon

Amazing shark fact #2:

Only a handful of people are attacked and killed by sharks every year, as opposed to approximately 100 million sharks killed by humans.

Can you think of a picture to go with the caption 'Is it safe to go back into the water?' If so, let me know.

cartoon shark picture

Not so quite so amazing shark fact:

Jaws 4 - the revenge failed to be nominated for any academy awards.

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