Cartoon Penguins - flightless but not humourless

By Rob Middleton

Cartoon penguins - in from the cold to warm thing up a bit.

'It's practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.' -  Joe Moore

I hope these penguin pics have the same effect.

cartoon penguins - cartoon pyramid

The natural world's natural waiter - the penguin. Many people have been charmed and amused by the penguin's comical appearance. They seem a natural to appear in a cartoon and I am happy to oblige with these penguin cartoons.

A little clumsy and slow on land...but sleek and graceful in the water....a little out of place in a tree though...

drawings of penguins

Well if man can dream of flight...

cartoon penguin and parrot

Although flightless. penguins take part in many flights of fancy in my imagination - so I hope that you enjoy these drawings.

If you have any ideas for penguin cartoons let me know and I'll see what I can do.

penguin with scarf

cartoon penguin

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About the Cartoonist

Hey there, my name is Rob Middleton. I'm 'THE CARTOONIST.'

Great copywriters craft words that EXPLODE in your prospects imaginations and lead them to the sale. That's basically what I do except I use cartoons and humour to engage you with an emotive, childlike fascination that will live on long in your memory.

I pride myself on drawing your pets and other animals. Whether they be to gift another or too memorialize a beloved four-legged, or feathered family member a well-drawn cartoon is the perfect personalised gift to give someone in this hyped-up, photoshopped world we live in.

Oh, yeah... one more thing.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.

I am currently for hire so, if you would like to speak to me directly you can email me by clicking 'contact' below.

Enjoy the site.

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