Cartoon Penguin Pictures - more penguin cartoons


Cartoon Penguin Pictures - more p-p-p-p-penguins pottering about.

For these pics I thought that it would be fun to have the penguins interacting with various other creatures. Yes, I know that these creatures don't come from the same environments, but that's half the fun of drawing cartoons - it's a license to create and cheat a little.

So I sat back and tried to dream up some funny penguin situations - a little coffee helps in the creative process.


He is THE walrus...


'I thought back to the "March of the Penguins" documentary and wondered what would happen if one of them happened to fall over, or was nudged, when they are all standing so close together...


Keep on walking...some old French Legionnaire movie popped into my mind...maybe I should try funny penguin in Legionnaire costume. After all, those guys dress in back and white as well...


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