Cartoon Frog Pictures

Cartoon Frog Pictures - some froggy funnies feature in these frog cartoons.

An assortment of amphibians inhabiting ponds and various other abodes hop into out of my muddled mind and into frame.

cartoon frog pictures

I kind of got the idea for this from Toad in the Wind of the Willows. Yes, I know that he’s a toad and not a frog. There’s a scene in the book where Toad Hall has been taken over by weasels, and the other animals, led by Toad, storm the hall and regain control. So hence the idea of a swashbuckling frog popped into my mind, and combined with the sword like beak of a heron, the cartoon was born.

frog cartoons

A twist on one of the oldest gags around. Frogs cartoons tend to feature the usual subjects: flies, hopping, and Princesses. Must think of a few more Princesses...

frog cartoon

Frogs and Princesses? I had to think of at least one frog cartoon about that.

cartoon frog picture

I like the muted colours in this picture.

cartoon frog image

cartoon frogs


From the Sicilian swamps...

monster frog

Another old cartoon gag situation.

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