Cartoon Fridge - yuck! it's the fridge from hell...

A cartoon fridge illustrates the story of the fridge from hell.

Disclaimed: the following story is absolutely NOT based on personal experience.....honestly.....

cartoon fridge

The Fridge from Hell

I have waited but now I must cross a bridge

And finally get around to cleaning the fridge

The last time was way back when

It’s time to build up courage and tackle it again

I open the door and immediately find

A horrible sight to blow my mind

What on earth could be that awful smell

That’s coming from this fridge from hell?

Is it the pot of stew that’s evolved and grown

Into something that is quite unknown?

And the milk urgh! it’s quite obscene

It’s turned a very vivid shade of green

And what used to be this, I try and guess

I haven’t got a clue I must confess

But it’s black and hairy and fills me with disgust

I’m not going to touch it, not even with my gloves

fridge from hell

Looking at this sight, it’s easy to conclude

Was any of this stuff ever really food?

I shouldn’t have gone and left it so late

It really is bad, it’s really a disgrace

Finally I’ve managed to clean the inside

And released the pot of stew back into the wild

There’s been a transformation of that ugly sight

And all the inside is now sparkly white

After so much scrubbing a break I’ve earned

And hopefully a lesson has finally been learnt

The cleaning was tough but I’ve survived to tell

The story of the fridge from hell.

fridge cartoon

That's enough of cartoon fridges...I'm getting peckish so time to go off to a real one and make myself a sandwich.

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