favorite cartoon drawings

On this page I'm going to talk about some of my favorite cartoon drawings that I've produced over the last couple of years.

cartoon cat

"Cat Calendar"

I originally produced this cartoon to enter a cartoon competition in Italy. The competition had three categories that you could submit cartoon each to. There was a free category - anything goes; time/date - which this cartoon was entered for; and the rather odd laughing snails. It took me a while to think of the laughing snails picture!

I was playing around with ideas for gags involving calendars, and eventually came to the idea of the cat sleeping it's way through the month. The original cartoon was executed solely on paper, this version here was drawn and then scanned into the computer for finishing.

river monsters

"The search for the Giant Anaconda"

I started to draw this more involved style of cartoons in October 2010, as a way to both have a change from my usual simple gag cartoons, and also to work on my own drawing skills. I have always been an admirer of the British cartoonist Giles, who was a master of perspective and noted for his detail work. I decided to create pictures with more than one gag in them, which is often what GIles was able to do very successfully.

The got the idea for the setting after reading about a father and son expedition from Northern Ireland venturing off to Peru is search of giant anaconda. Drawing a rain forest forced me to work on a far more detailed background than normal, and also made me think about how to use the varying tones to show depth. I also liked the long body of the anaconda tying different elements of the picture together.

bulldog cartoon

Churchill being compared to a Bulldog is nothing new, however I wanted to try to caricature for a change and so chose an easy subject to draw. I liked the end result of this one - it just seemed to turn out right for me.

pictures of dog breeds

I simply found this one aesthetically pleasing with the contrast between the black suit of the man being connected with the white suit of the woman via the dalmation. I thought afterwards that the guy was a little bug-eyed, but decided to leave the drawing as it was.

cartoon tree

I've always been a big fan of captionless cartoons-cartoons without any words, and try to draw them whenever possible. This is my favourite form of cartooning as the idea has to work solely on the strength of the drawing. I felt that there was a certain amount of warmth about the picture.


Another captionless picture based around a very simple idea, I particularly liked the expression on the sharks face.

That's it from this selection of cartoon drawings, I'd ove to hear from you which one is your own favorite.

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