Cartoon Drawings of People

Are you looking for any cartoon drawings of people?

Perhaps it is for a presentation...

This first picture I drew for a scientific presentation! Of course Einstein is so characterful that he almost draws himself.

Maybe you want someone to help illustrate a key point.

This one was used for a presentation on wellness.

Or maybe perhaps something a little more glamorous.

Of course people come in all shapes, sizes and types, and so I can draw the exact person you are looking for to match your purposes.

I’m not quite sure what the dance is...

It can be difficult to find the exact facial expression or body pose that you are looking for, particularly if it is for something more eye-catching and less usual.

Don’t waste time searching for generic images on the new, allow me to draw the image for you and save your valuable time for other things such as working on your business, finishing the writing, or simply kicking back and having a cup of tea (with chocolate biscuits of course).

As well as drawing people, I also draw man’s best friend quite a lot and love to draw pictures of people interacting with their pets or other animals.

If you are looking for something a little more bizarre, well...

As well as single pictures I can produce mini-strip cartoons for you.

Perhaps you have an idea for a regular character that you would like to see appearing.

Cartoons can help catch the reader or audiences eye to the writing or presentation.

And can help it to finish on a bang and leave a lasting memory.

If there is a product that you are promoting it can feature in the cartoon.

The cartoon itself could become the main feature of a blog post.

You could also try a cartoon competition for your readers, such as a pair of  ‘spot the difference’ pictures.

I can also draw before/after pictures.

Or a caption contest as made famous by New Yorker magazine.

If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, then I am happy to come up with some ideas for you. I have a pretty active imagination, especially when aided by cups of coffee.

So if you are looking for any cartoon drawings of people, click below and drop me a mail - I’d be happy to discuss your idea further with you.

I reply promptly.