Cartoon Dog Pictures

This page of cartoon dog pictures features man walking man’s best friend, or is it the other way around?

I draw dogs all the time, so I’m always keeping my eye on the neighborhood dogs on their daily walk to see if I can pick up ideas for gag situations. Of course many cartoons end up with a very tenuous grasp of any sort of real-life situation, but that’s the beauty of cartoons – you’re free to create your own colourful little world.

cartoon dog pictures

There are many four-legged sources of inspiration abounding in my neighborhood, although smaller breeds are usually the norm due to the lack of space here in West Tokyo.

dog walking cartoon

cartoon dogwalking

The biggest dog I’ve spotted so far is a Borzoi which is occasionally spotted in a nearby park. I’m hoping that the dog gets to live in a little more space than the average sized dwelling around here.

The Borzoi is probably the most unusual breed I’ve encountered so far, but who knows what other more unusual breeds might set paw to pavement in the future.

cartoon dogwalker

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