Cartoon Dog Images

A few cartoon dog images with the help of some Greyhounds.

It was my friend getting a miniature Italian Greyhound that got me into drawing Greyhounds. It started off by drawing a couple of pictures for him to give to his wife. The pictures went down really well and so my friend asked me if I could put together a book of Greyhound cartoons to give to her on her birthday. It sounded like a great idea and I liked the challenge of it all. I ended up with about forty cartoons and I published a full-colour print copy via

Seeing as I already had forty Greyhounds and enjoyed drawing the breed so much, I decided to come up with some more ideas and round it out to a hundred different pictures.

cartoon dog images

Although my initial inspiration was from a miniature Greyhound, I have only drawn one or two of this breed as I have concentrated on their bigger cousins. I really should pay tribute to 'Pooch' by drawing a few more of her like.

cartoon dog pictures

dog cartoon illustration

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The Little Book of Greyhound Cartoons

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