Cartoon Dog House Pictures - Some humourous hound hovels

A few cartoon dog house pictures featuring various different doggy-pads.


I was walking around the neighborhood on New Year's Day and spotted a few dog houses. 'Hmm...there's got to be a few ideas for cartoons here' I thought. And so, armed with pen and mug of coffee, I sat down to scribble.


In the UK, two lucky Great Danes, are going to be the residents of the world's most expensive dog house. Their owner has commissioned a specially designed luxury pad at a cost of $400,000 (around 250,000 GBP). The pad will feature adjustable, temperature-controlled beds, and water/food laid on without them having to raise a paw.


The idiom 'In the Doghouse' means that you are due to face punishment for doing something wrong. e.g. "You'll be in the doghouse with your father after scratching his car!"


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