mystifying...charming...moody...cute...take your pick! - here are some cartoon cats

Cartoon Cats - Whether its kitty cats, house cats or cats sitting on mats - a wide variety of these perplexing pets feature in these cat pics. 

Perhaps this page should be called 'catoons'?

cartoon cat - silver tabby

Cats have long fascinated people and we have long tried to understand them, and not always successfully, although it sometimes appears as though the cat has worked us out, and the owner has become the ownee. As a long-time cat owner, I had a lot of fun thinking up these cat cartoons.

Cartoon cats were just about the first thing I started doodling way back when. I tried drawing more lifelike pictures of our own cats, but never really took to it - I remained a cartoonist at heart.

cartoon cats - on dog

One of our cats once deposited what we at first thought was an abandoned fluffy slipper on the doormat one morning. It turned out to be one of the neighbors guinea pigs. The cat went back the next night and retrieved another one, presumably figuring out that we wanted a matching pair...

cartoon cat - piano

kitten cartoon - christmas tree

cartoon cat pictures - cat and dog food
About the Cartoonist

Hey there, my name is Rob Middleton. I'm 'THE CARTOONIST.'

Great copywriters craft words that EXPLODE in your prospects imaginations and lead them to the sale. That’s basically what I do except I use cartoons and humour to engage you with an emotive, childlike fascination that will live on long in your memory.

I pride myself on drawing your pets and other animals. Whether they be to gift another or too memorialize a beloved four-legged, or feathered family member a well-drawn cartoon is the perfect personalised gift to give someone in this hyped-up, photoshopped world we live in.

Oh, yeah... one more thing.

I ALWAYS deliver on time.

I am currently for hire so, if you would like to speak to me directly you can email me by clicking 'contact' below.

Enjoy the site.

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