mystifying...charming...moody....cute....take your pick! Here are some cartoon cats

Cartoon Cats -Whether its kitty cats, house cats or cats sitting on mats - a wide variety of these perplexing pets feature in these cat pics.

Perhaps this page should be called 'catoons'?

cartoon cat,silver tabby

Cats have long fascinated people and we have long tried to understand them, and not always successfully, although it sometimes appears as though the cat has worked us out, and the owner has become the ownee.As a long-time cat owner, I had a lot of fun thinking up these cat cartoons.

Cartoon cats were just about the first thing I started doodling way back when. I tried drawing more lifelike pictures of our own cats, but never really took to it – I remained a cartoonist at heart.

One of our cats once deposited what we at first thought was an abandoned fluffy slipper on the doormat one morning. It turned out to be one of the neighbors guinea pigs. The cat went back the next night and retrieved another one, presumably figuring out that we wanted a matching pair…

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kitten cartoon


New kittens+ freshly decorated Christmas tree=complete catastrophee


Our family didn’t always show much imagination when it came to names for cats Amongst the cats we owned over the years we chose the following names: Whiskers, Tabbs, Jet, Ginger. You get the general idea. When my father was younger they simply used to name every cat ‘Cat’ maybe he was thinking what’s the point in naming an animal that never comes when you call it? (unless of course it’s dinner time…)

The cats we owned over the years were all from the local animal shelter.

The first cat we got was due to getting a couple of mice in the house. After getting rid of the mice, we thought it would be a good idea to have a four-legged pest controller around to do the job for us. However, we actually ended up with more creatures in the house due to subsequent cats bringing in trophies to show us only to release the trophy and then lose it….

We even had one cat who was fascinated by frogs and would fish them out of the pond. He would carry them in his mouth, legs dangling either side, and then bring them into the house wher he would spit them out, unharmed, onto the carpet, and proceed to tap them with his paw to persuade them to hop. I thought about curing him of this habit by pushing him into the pond, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it…

You don't really need cartoon cats when you've got the real thing for a source of amusement.

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later."

And then only if they can be bothered….

It's all a little too energetic for some...


I originally drew this one for a cartoon competition in Italy, and it has remained one of my favorites. As cats spend most of their lives sleeping, does this men that I should spend most of my doodling time drawing sleeping cartoon cats?

Do we choose the cat or does it choose us? Maybe that depends on what food is on offer.

Whether it's a moggy or a pure-bred Siamese, I hope you'll find some cartoon cat pictures to amuse yourself here.
Are you a dog AND a cat person?

Is this connected to some sort of right/left brain thing?

How about some pictures featuring both cats AND dogs?

zen cats

The cat sat on the meditation mat

zen cat, zen-cats

Alone and quiet The cat sits and contemplates The world goes by

cartoon-of-cat, cat-on-bed


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