Cartoon Animals

Here are some cartoon animals from the wild and wonderful world of nature.

Growing up I was a massive fan of wildlife programmes and will always remain a fan of David Attenburgh. Planet Earth is one of the all-time great pieces of nature film-making.

I have always enjoyed drawing animal cartoons, sometimes pondering what they get up to in the natural environment, other times wondering what would happen if they encountered humans, or talked, or whatever daft notion popped into my head (and believe me, being a cartoonist I get a lot of daft notions pop into my head – it’s one of the pleasures!)

cartoon animals

I thought of this cartoon years ago, and have drawn it a number of times. I think I first stumbled across the idea when looking through a children’s picture dictionary.

I must think up a few more monkey cartoons - lots of potential gags there with a bit of head scratching.

hippo cartoon

This hippo cartoon was inspired by 'The Hippopotamus Song'

‘Mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood’From the Hippopotamus song.

I must pause to say a big thanks to Rolf Harris. To my readers from the UK, Rolf needs no introduction. For everyone else, well, Rolf Harris is an entertainer from Australia who made his career in the UK. He performed various comical songs (including the Hippopotamus song) and had a few TV shows where he showed kids how to draw cartoons. Needless to say I was a big fan!

Did you know that Hippos actually kill more humans than any other big animal in Africa? More than sharks in the sea. Sharks must just have lousy P.R.

wild animals cartoon

Lion's pride dented.

crocodile cartoon

I’m sure that this idea came straight out of a nature documentary showing crocs opening their jaws to allow the birds to act as African oral hygenists.

cartoon cheetah

It’s difficult to think of cheetahs without thinking of speed. A similar dilemma occurs with leopards and spots, and zebras and stripes.

ostrich cartoon

It’s a common myth that the ostrich sticks it’s head in the sand. Of all creatures, it would appear to be only man that wilfully chooses to ignore obvious problems and dangers.

rare big cat

If you are a fan of somewhat smaller cats, you may want to try

the 101 Cat Cartoons ebook

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