Cartoon Aliens - they're here already!

Cartoon Aliens - cartoon encounters with little green men feature in these alien cartoons.

cartoon aliens

Who hasn’t among us at some time or other, gazed into the night sky and wondered if, on some distant planet (in a galaxy far, far away…), there might just be life part from ours?

cartoon alien

And maybe, if there is other intelligent life, it might also be gazing up into it’s own night sky wondering what life might be out there.

space alien cartoons

People have pondered what would happen upon first contact being made. What would happen if aliens actually landed? What would be the initial reaction?

alien cartoon

'Take me to your leader.' I guess that line is up there with 'We come in peace' (while concealing the death ray behind the back. Of course, defining who we really think is our leader might be a little more problematic...

alien and woman

Our ideas about what aliens might actually look like has been formed by numerous movies and books. Hopefully the reality will be somewhat different from the majority of movie alines, who seem hell bent on galactic conquest. world destruction, and the conversion of humans into various kinds of fast food.

aliens cartoon

Of course we assume that alien technology must be vastly superior to ours. What possible advances could we gain if we could study such technology? Hopefully not how to build a bigger death ray....

aliens cartoon drawing

As mentioned above, sometimes aliens are depicted as being keen on world destruction. However, world destruction often seems to be something us humans are hell bent on, whether it's through wars or the breakdown of the environment. Would you really want to travel half way across the universe to see that?

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