Car Cartoon Drawings

Car cartoon drawings - a collection of comical car cartoons.

On this page I'll feature various different cartoons featuring cars and people. Whether it's trying to buy a new car, some sort of problem on the road,or some dashing attempt at motor sport - I'm sure I'll come up with a few ideas for car cartoon drawings about this machine so key to many of our lives.

car cartoon drawings

I've been to a few motor shows, both in the UK, and in Tokyo. The super cars always get a big response as people allow themselves to fantasize about which one they would choose when they win the lottery.

I also have memories of attempting to scrounge car brochures of all of the motors that I thought were really cool. Of course, when I was in high school this was particularly challenging, as at that age I didn't yet fit in to the buyer demographic and thus the salesmen were reluctant to part with their prized pamphlets. Now a little older I still don't fit into the buyer demographic, but that's now due to cash...

The central car in the cartoon above is loosely based on the Koenigsegg, which is pictured below.


This is the Koenigsegg CCX, a Swedish hyper-car. Yes, we have now gone beyond super-cars. I"m not quite sure at what point a car becomes hyper, probably having a top speed well over 200 mph has something to do with it, especially when coupled with an outrageous top speed.

If anyone can tell me what the car in the top left of the picture is I'll send them a prize!

vintage cartoons

I've always had a fascination with the Land Speed Record - the quest to become the fastest man on land. I'm particularly interested in the earlier cars and the heroic men who hurtled down beaches trying to set a record. The car in the above cartoon is based on the Sunbeam Silver Bullet of 1930. The Silver Bullet was built by Sunbeam in Wolverhampton, England, and driven by Kaye Don - a leading racing driver of the time. The team made their record attempt on Daytona Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, the team was beset by problems and they never managed to get close to the record.

sunbeam silver bullet

Driver Kaye Don posing by the Silver Bullet, Daytona Beach 1930.

That's all for now with these car cartoons, I'll add further car pictures, and hopefully the odd race car cartoon or two, in due course.

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