Brewster Buffalo Cartoon

I received a request from a friend to draw a Brewster Buffalo, and so I thought I'd add a page about this little-known aircraft. If you are familiar with the Buffalo, then you sure are an airplane enthusiast!

brewster buffalo

B-239 in Finnish service.

The Brewster F2A won the competition to provide the US navy with it's first monoplane fighter. The type proved to be disappointing in service, and was usually outclassed by the opposition it faced. The Grumman F4F Wildcat proved to be far more successful and became the main naval fighter for the first half of the Pacific war. Brewster supplied aircraft to Britain, Holland, and Finland. It was in British service that the F2A was given the name 'Buffalo'.

The Brewster Buffalo in Finnish service proved to be entirely more capable, and was used by the Finns used the B-239 (the Finnish designation) against the Russians with much success. It is a Finnish plane which features in the cartoon.

I first encountered the Buffalo when I made a model of it way back when in school days I used to assemble plastic kits. The plane I assembled was supposed to have been painted in British camoflage, however I ended up leaving it in it's fresh-out-of-the-box colours of red and beige! (red fuselage and beige wings if I remember correctly) as I thought it looked neat....I was rather young at the time. Actually I may draw another plane in this colour scheme just to commemorate my model building days.

I've always found the shape to be somewhat comical, so I was pleased to be given the chance to draw it.

Please note: These are cartoon airplanes and thus are not 100% totally authentic. I have kept the character of the aircraft, rather than included every detail.

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