Cartoon Border Collies Pictures

Cartoon Border Collies Pictures - a few cartoons featuring the popular and distinctive sheepdog. I was working on a collection of Shetland Sheepdog cartoons when my mind naturally started to think about other herding breeds. I didn't get around to doing any border collie cartoons until one Sunday morning when I strolled down to get the morning paper. On the way to the shop I passed someone walking a border collie, not exactly a very common breed here in Tokyo, and so decided to immediately create a page.

border collies pictures

Ode to the Border Collie

In the world of canines there are many clever dogs

From muscular shepherds to Poodles with curly locks

But there’s one dog that stands out as the cleverest for me

The hard working ever energetic border collie

He often roams the hills to earn his keep

tirelessly working to herd the sheep

A smart fellow he learns new commands easily

Not one to be cooped up he loves to run free

He needs his exercise and a task to do

Otherwise he might cause some trouble for you

But treat him right and he’ll do just fine

So give him what he needs and watch him shine

border collie pictures

Going back to the original reason behind the creation of this page and the chance encounter with the dog walker. I hope that the dog was merely paying a visit to Tokyo rather than was actually resident. On common Border Collie trait is that they tend to go a bit loopy if kept cooped up for too and are liable to start chewing things to pieces. I shudder to think what they could do to a small Tokyo apartment…

In my neighborhood there are numerous dog walkers, so I’ll have to keep an eye out and try and pick up some further ideas for dog cartoons. At the very least it’s a good opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air away from the drawing board.

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