Black and White Cats

Cartoons of Black and White Cats doing their two-tone thing. I'm going to dedicate this page to our very own cat, Jo-Jo. We got Jo-Jo from an animal rescue centre, which was where you used to get all our cats from. Along with Jo-Jo, we also picked up Jet, no prizes for guessing what colour she was...

black and white cats

This one was inspired by an album cover by 'The Specials', and who pioneered the Two-Tone sound.

a black and white cat

Jo-Jo was definitely a fussy eater, unlike Jet who hoovered anything and everything down.

black and white cat

Who says that dogs can't learn from cats?

fat black and white cat

Didn't know when to stop...

cute black and white cats

Kind of speaks for's amazing how much destruction and general room-rearrangement a pair or bunch of kittens can get up to.

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black and white cat breeds

It's a deal breaker...

black and white cat cartoon

Rounding off the two-tone theme.

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