Black and White Cartoons

Black and White Cartoons - a little monochrome mirth.

I love colouring in cartoons on the computer, and especially like using bright colours to really make the drawings shine. However, for this page I thought that I would use good old classic black and white, not only drawing in black and white; but also taking it as a theme as well.

black and white cartoons

I am sure that there are a few people who choose their pets on the basis of how they match the decor...

black and white cartoon

What would be the odds of this happening?

I got the idea for this cartoon after listening to 'The Specials', the English two-tone band from Coventry.

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dalmation cartoon

I've always liked this particular cartoon. Somehow I find it aesthetically pleasing, with the Dalmation sandwiched between the black and white suits.

cartoon zebra

I first got this idea years ago, but it's the first time that I actually got around to drawing it.

not always black and white

Enough said really.

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