Welcome to the February 2011 edition of Monthly Joy.

The big news this month is the release of the '101 Cat Cartoons' ebook.

The ebook features some cartoons from joy-of-cartoon-pictures, along with fifty new cartoons not seen on the site.

This was supposed to be a monthly edition, rather than an annual one, so first of all I must apologize to anyone who has subscribed and has wondered what happened. As a means of apologizing for my extreme slackness in keeping up to date with this e-zine, I am offering a free hand-drawn reproduction of any of the cartoons on this site.

Just have a look around, choose a cartoon that you like and then send me a brief description of the pic. I will personally draw you a reproduction and then mail it to you. All the cartoons on this site are finished on the computer, so the reproductions will look a little different, but they will still have the spirit of the cartoons that you can see on the site.

This month features some cat and dog cartoons, and also the monthly caption competition below.

These cat cartoons are from the cartoon cat ebook.

click here for the cat ebook!

Time to bark up a different tree....

And now something for the dog lovers....

This month I've picked the theme of dog walking. I've always enjoyed observing people and their pooches, so all I had to do for inspiration was to take a stroll around the neighbourhood and let my imagination run riot.

I'm currently working on an ebook of dog cartoons, so take a look at the next 'monthly joy' for a few more dog cartoons.

In the last few months I've started to experiment with some more detailed cartoons. My usual style of drawing is quite simple, with detail kept to a minimum. Well a change is as good as a rest they say, and so I decided to try something a bit different. This style of cartoon is obviously a lot more time consuming, but I enjoy the opportunity to try and include several smaller gags into the pictures, as well as the main focus.

Caption Competition!

Now it's your turn...

See if you can think up with a caption to go with the above cartoon.

The winner will be announced in the next 'Monthly Joy' and will receive a cartoon book.

Click below and send me your idea.

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I thought I'd slip this one of a Shiba-ken in, The Shiba-ken is a very popular dog breed here in Japan, known for it's intelligence and hardy nature.

That's it for now, I hope you've enjoyed this month's collection of cartoons. I'm always interested to hear from readers, so please drop me a mail sometime.
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