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As it’s still winter I thought that I would make snow the theme. I live in Tokyo and recently we had some snow, not too much, but enough to settle on the ground for a day or two.

Snow…some love it…others hate it…

For some it’s an opportunity to have a few days off work or school.

However, others are determined to commute no matter what.

Some creatures take advantage of the snowy conditions…

Whereas others find it more difficult to appreciate the season.

Some people even recommend a cold bath in winter…

While others make sure to wrap-up warm.

There always seems to be someone who is immune the temperatures.

Of course the snow can be a lot of fun and a chance to play around.

However, it only last for so long and then you have to wait for another year.

Caption Competition

Now it's your turn. See if you can think up a caption to go with this cartoon. Send me your idea before the end of March. I'll choose the best one and the winner will get cartoon book from one of my favourite cartoonists.

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